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Accessing Justice: Models, Strategies and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment (IDLO Publication)

Accessing Justice: Models, Strategies and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment, a report by the International Development Law Organization, covers Accessing Justice In Diverse Legal Systems and Learning From Practice: Eight successful ways of empowering Women to access justice.

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IWDN Member Beth Davis Interviews Guatemalan Women’s Rights Activist on Women’s Empowerment

International Women’s Democracy Network member Beth Davis interviews Guatemalan women’s rights activist Mildre Yaxon, of Oxlajuj B’atz’, or Thirteen Threads, on challenges and opportunities to women’s empowerment in Guatemala. Guatemala is currently ranked the most violent country against women in Latin America and has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. In […]

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WLP Lebanon/CRTD.A Kicks Off New Trainings

WLP Lebanon/CRTD.A kicks off new round of Leadership and Political Participation training for women involved in the Nationality Campaign Fifteen women involved in CRTD.A’s nationality campaign participated in CRTD.A’s new round of leadership and political participation trainings.  The training, the first of a series of six planned for the remainder of 2012, seeks to build […]

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Leading to Choices: A Leadership Training Handbook for Women

Women’s Learning Partnership’s Leading to Choices is based on a conceptualization of leadership as horizontal, inclusive, and participatory. In this model, leadership is viewed as a process that leads to greater choices for all by fostering communication among individuals who learn from each other, create a shared vision, and reach a common goal forged by consensus. The […]

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Leading to Action: A Political Participation Handbook for Women

Women Learning Partnership’s latest publication, Leading to Action: A Political Participation Handbook for Women, was developed to empower women to become democratic and participatory leaders. Whether the goal is to be elected to office, support a campaign, encourage women to vote, or secure better legislation for the community, this handbook helps women hone their skills to take the next political step.

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The myth of evil women in power: when the media participates in the demonization of women

My colleagues at WLP shared this disturbing reminder of the common issues facing women in politics, regardless of where they are: How to Hit a Woman – The new anti-Elizabeth Warren ad, and how political attack ads differ when the target is female. (the article appeared in Slate on November 22, 2011)

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