The vision of the International Women’s Democracy Network is to build a network of solidarity among women and women’s organizations engaged in democracy activism. The Network will strengthen links among members by developing a virtual resource center and a forum for exchange of information and knowledge.


The Network supports women’s roles and agency in the development of democratic practices and institutions at community, national, and international levels, and to ensure women’s full political participation in such areas as non-violence, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, governance, institutional transformation, legislative reform, research, unions and political parties, rule of law, transparency and accountability, business, communications and media, elections, and political processes.

Goals and Objectives:

• Exchanging experiences, sharing best practices, and training others in democracy work;
• Developing and supporting advocacy campaigns initiated by members at the local, national, and international levels;
• Building solidarity among, and supporting, individuals and organizations engaged in democracy activism;
• Increasing interaction and communication among and between various transnational networks, including those working on women’s rights, human rights, peace, and environmental issues.

These goals will be achieved through implementation of the following activities:

• Creating an Online Resource Center that presents information and knowledge on the priority areas of the network.
• Supporting and assisting democracy workers in countries where political systems are undergoing transitions to democracy.
• Developing strategies for democracy activism in closed societies drawing upon the experiences of network members who have participated in similar efforts (for example, in NIS countries or South Africa).
• Strengthening emerging democracies through exchange of experiences and training.
• Supporting efforts in established democracies on behalf of under-privileged and under-represented groups, such as women and minorities.

Membership and Structure:

• Individuals, organizations, and networks committed to the International Women’s Democracy Network’s objectives.
• A leadership committee to include members of the steering committee of World Movement for Democracy and other regional representatives.
• A secretariat to be housed at an existing network with a substantial trans-regional membership, currently the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP).
• Regional coordination offices in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.