Written by Abdul Khan, WLP’s Director of Techology.  WLP is IWDN’s Secretariat.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in and facilitate a Regional Institute for Training of Women Trainers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Advocacy in Rabat, Morocco and was amazed with the youth’s passion and creative use of technology. This training was designed to build the capacity of WLP’s partner in Morocco, Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM), to use social media and other technologies to strengthen and support their campaigns, and to incorporate using technology for political participation in their trainings at the grassroots level. The Institute focused on advocacy— and its outcomes were extraordinary! The twenty youth participants were clearly motivated to learn and use a variety of social media tools, such as blogs, to effectively make their campaigns more visible online, in order to gain support and further raise awareness. During this training there were four topics on which advocacy campaigns were created. The creativity of each campaign’s team was on display in their self-designed videos, blogs, websites, and slogans. The campaigns included Combatting Violence Against WomenFamily and Children’s Rights,Women and Political Participation, and Stopping Sex Trafficking. Each group used social media to connect with other organizations and activists to share news, ideas, strategies, and to start new dialogues.

WLP Director of Technology Abdul Khan at WLP Morocco/ADFM Tech Training

It was a great feeling to see the youth take technology and use it for a cause they felt they could influence and change for the better. Participants were encouraged to not only contribute, but to also to help and guide one another as they put their campaigns together. Each participant was excited to be able to contribute to their group’s work and really demonstrated their ability to lead in different ways. Qualities of leadership and effective communication were further demonstrated by their ability to successfully launch an advocacy campaign in three days, as well as create a plan on how to continue to actively monitor and contribute to their cause after the Institute. I invite you to take a moment to go through their FacebookTwitterand blog pages and show your support for their campaigns.

Originally posted on WLP’s blog, Our Vision & Our Voices.

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