Rana was married before the age of 15. She found herself wearing the wedding dress and sitting on the Louj (Jordanian word for a decorated chair where the bride sits). After she got married, she moved to a different village where her husband and his extended family live. She had a small room in the big family house where everyone lived. Rana mentioned that she faced lots of difficulties when she first got married, because she was overwhelmed by the wife’s duties and because she gave birth to five children.

Regardless of all of this, Rana never stopped doing things that she liked to do before she got married. She used to gather all women in her neighborhood once a week and try to know these women more. She also helped these women with any questions they had about their lives, especially how to deal with their children and husbands.

Rana says that the counselor in her school used to collect the girls and ask them to share their thoughts and feelings. She also used to ask the girls to speak about their points of weaknesses and points of strength in order to build on points of strength and to try to improve the weak parts. This had a great impact on Rana’s life. It influenced her character a lot. She has become a positive, active and loving person in spite of all of the difficulties that she has faced.

On day, Rana learned about the General Secondary examination while she was listening to a radio show. The representative from the Ministry of Education indicated that people who meet certain requirements can take the test. Rana was thrilled; especially that she meets these requirements. She decided to convince her husband to let her take the exam.

The husband was very understanding and he let her pay the tuition fees to take the test after she promised him that this will not have any negative effect on their life or her work. Rana took the test and she passed the exam.

This step was a great success that had an impact on Rana and her family. This also had a good impact on women’s lives in that village as they all needed a brave woman to take the risk and open the doors for them.

Rana participated in establishing the first charity in her village. She also helped gather money from the rich to help women and orphans. The success that Rana achieved got the attention of people in charge of the municipality and they appointed her as a member of the municipality committee in the village. This has increased her enthusiasm to help people in the village, especially women.